Things that immigrants wish they should have known before moving to Canada

As migrate to canada from dubai can attest, moving to Canada can involve much of a culture shock. Here are some great tips for newcomers headed to the great white north – Canada.
Canada has four seasons
Though some of them are short, most of the areas of Canada that are inhabited have four seasons in a year. As opposed to other places across the world, the temperatures in Canada vary. They are generally between -40 degrees Celsius during winter up to 40 degrees Celsius in the summer. It is an endeavor that is expensive in ensuring that your property is correctly fitted for each season.

The winter coat that you purchased in Dubai before moving to Canada might be useless. During 2017, the daytime temperatures that were experienced in Toronto were lower than what is experienced in planet mars. For you to be able to survive your first winter in Canada is to ensure that you purchase your outwear after landing.
Summer is everything
After one winter in Canada, you will understand why everyone flocks to strips down and patios to the bare essentials immediately the summer begins. In case you are coming from a country where you are used to subtropical climate, it might not be warm enough to warrant sandals and shorts on the first summer weekend. But after surviving winter, you will greatly appreciate it.
The sticker price is not the final price
When you get to Canada, it is costly. Vancouver and Toronto are the most expensive places to settle in. From shopping to housing to eats out, everything will seem to cost more than it costs in Dubai. And what you see on the price tag are just starting points and not the final price.