Ways to dress on your wine tour

When it comes to a wine tour and wine tasting, you can be unsure of what you should be dressing. When you are on your wine tour, it is important that you feel as comfortable as possible. For that to happen, you have to make sure that you are in comfortable clothing. There are formal dressing codes that you can try but there are tips that you can adopt before you begin packing. Here are the tips

Choose your shoes wisely
There are wineries with packing lots, seated indoor wine tasting, and manicured walkways. If you are visiting that kind of a winery, you can wear your heel comfortably without any difficulties. There are also wineries with grassy tasting areas and the majority of them also have standout counters. In such wine tours, you better wear comfortable shoes that can handle soft grass. If you do not know what shoes to pick, just pack a few of your flat shoes and you will surely be comfortable in them.
Choose colors wisely
Another thing that you must do is choosing your colors wisely. Before you start packing, you should be thinking of colors that won’t be stained easily with wine spills. Unless you will be tasting white wine only, you should expect wine spills. Consider wearing darker clothes for the sake of camouflaging any kind of mishaps. Even if you are very careful, the next person to you can still spill wine on you.
You can coordinate with your tour friends
If you do not know what you should be wearing, the best thing to do is coordinate the dressing code with your friends. Have a uniform outfit for the wine degustations tour if possible?