How to prevent a running toilet issue?

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This guide will help you learn about the issues you will face when you will have a running toilet.
What are the main causes of a running toilet?
 If the internal system, meaning the inner working of the toilet isn’t working properly, then it can cause a running toilet.
 Another cause is the misfit of the flapper valve.
 Other possible causes can be a loose-fill tube, an uneven float, or a leakage.
What can you do to solve a running toilet issue?
 First, try to put a food color inside the tank. It will let you know if the color went inside the bowl. If it has then you have a leakage.
 Try to check daily every piece of equipment for a running toilet problem.
 Make sure that there is a thin flexible tube is attached inside the tank properly.
 Make sure the fact that the fill valve is working properly by shutting off when it needs to.
 There is a chain that is attached to the flapper. Check if it is tangled or not.
Note: If none of the above steps work, then try to replace all the elements of the internal tank.