Alain Duménil has been carried away by his love for culture in all its forms.

Alain Duménil Born on May 3, 1949, in Neuilly-sur-Seine,” al-ain Duménil will define himself as either a French businessman, author, or patron whose accomplishments during his career have left him one of the most importantAlain Duménil great bosses fantastic from France.

Al Ain Duménil is fundamentally distinguished from Other great French wineries, for his preference because of culture; this really is definitely some thing which occupies a exact crucial position in his life, in special for this intention in which the entrepreneur grants lots of benefits in various methods.

Al Ain Duménil Obtained editions of p L’Herne these really are an independent publishing house founded from the 1960s located in Paris around Rue Mazarine, it’s gained over this lover of civilization and never hesitates to go against the encompassing styles and notions.

Ever since he has Ever Been carried by his own love For culture in all its types, the business man created a literary award. The famed Duménil Prize, that awards each and every year per publication written by a French writer and the winning publication is published in between January and April of precisely the very same calendar year old.

In case Alain Dumenil, Dedicates an unlimited love to literature, and additional ethnic industries additionally arouse a portion of his attention, like the theater. So , in 2000, the businessman became whoever owns the theater found on Rue Blanche, in Paris. This has a space that may accommodate up to 1,100 spectators.

In Spite of the Fact That It is not a question of culture from the Strict sense, the entrepreneur will be also present in the paper sector by way of a major acquisition. The latter does occur in ’09 and describes into this Agefi SA media set that purchased GSMN. The group possesses L’Agefi, a renowned Swiss firm each day.

Obtaining a portrait of Alain Duménil Wouldn’t Be a Wholly complete notion without Fixing the most not known component that differentiates him out of some other businessman: his own talent as a writer he is the author of 3 books who’ve had a good effect.

Real estate, finance, culture, aeronautics, it Is clear the Al Ain Duménil has been Successful in all the areas in which he’s opted to invest. A particularly Talented entrepreneur with an undeniable desire to check out new worlds,” he could be Definitely one of the most interesting and initial French frontrunners of latest Decades.